Sunday, May 1, 2016

Peace of Mind - Side One #2

Just a Party

Blog #3  - Still here.


  • Word Origin


bring your own bottle, as of liquor or wine: often included in an invitation to indicate that the host will not provide liquor.


If you have been “following” this blog (and I hope you have) – I am working on

1 Party + 1 Project per month.

This week I am starting to plan for the 1st Party.

It will NOT be a BYOB…..  .  It will be a

BYFA – (Bring your favorite album). If you are reading this and under the age of 40. Uhmmm – might be a problem with album. I am not talking about a photo album. I think they call them “vinyl’s” now. Let me check on that.

Yes – straight from the Urban dictionary:


Vinyl usually refers to Analog Long Playing Records (LPs). While vinyl is not as mainstream today as it was back in the day, the format is still in use. Vinyl records are considered to be more "warmer" and pleasant sounding than CDs.

So back in the day (way back for me). We would listen to our favorite album over and over and over again.  We didn’t have the internet to quickly search the lyrics but we did have that album cover with an insert, which included all the lyrics.  Awww – so great. AND then to find out I had been singing the wrong words to so many songs.

Now back to the 1st Party.


I am planning on 10 – 12 guest.  I will know who brought which album.  As the music plays through out the evening …Part of the fun will be for the guest to try and figure out who brought which album. Hopefully a fun night listening to music.

Until then…. Stay tuned and enjoy – one of Keith’s favorite albums. I am still deciding my favorite.

 What would be your favorite?


Sunday, April 24, 2016

I am back!  And now for the answer to “What will this blog be about”?  If I tell you right now… will you finish reading the entire post? So…. not until the end. 
                       The name of the blog
JUST A PARTY - because who doesn’t love a good party?  I know I do.  Love going to parties and love hosting parties.  I began to realize whenever we have a party at the house some project always seems to get done (sometimes right before the first guest arrives. )   Sooooo I decided for the next 12 months (starting in May)  1 Party + 1 Project each month.   You all will hold me accountable and hopefully give me lots of ideas, encouragement, and advice along the way.  I did mention this idea to Keith (husband and probably the one who will be completing whatever project I line up for the house or yard) ;)! He agreed. !@#!!!!

What will the #1 Party and Project be?  Stay tuned….
 That’s a (hint).

Until then…. Enjoy some music.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Here we go.....

Starting a blog. YES!  Not going to lie - it has been on my New Year's Resolution List for 3 years now. Maybe more than 3.... but I am doing this tonight! (This is what happens during the 2016 Houston Flood) - no work for 2 days now. Promised myself I would learn a new skill and with the help of a tech pro.... here I go!

What will the blog be about????? Answer ... next post.
Until then...... enjoy some Pizza!